—–It’s my blogs first birthday!——

This is almost more exciting than my actual birthday.

Except that this year a friend threw me a 36 (ish) hour long party in a sun haven alternate universe so actually not, but almost!

Here’s the first post I ever wrote.
Check out how drastically my understanding of formatting has improved!

What I actually think this is as exciting as, is a wedding anniversary. Commitment is no simple feat. Only difference is I’m married to my art, and trust me baby it isn’t always easy.

But it’s the looooooooove of my lyyyyyyyyyyyyyyfe!
*I cried all sing song like, and then fell face first out of some romantically decorated balcony, but got right back up and yearned for it all again just the same anyway.

Damnit. You know the feeling?

A friend of mine just posted a link on Twitter yesterday about how people can now legally marry websites. Don’t get weird about it, that’s not what this is!

But perhaps it is more like an anniversary than a birthday after all, maybe, I’m not sure.

Either way,

*I’m doing a ‘feeling proud of myself dance’ alone in my bed that I share with a pile of rotting leaves and torn up fashion magazines disguised as ‘visual research resources’.

1 thought on “—–It’s my blogs first birthday!——

  1. Congrats on your first birthday/anniversary/commitment to a blog for a Year! It is always entertaining and great to get a notification that you have a new post!

    Keep at it…but get rid of the rotting leaves!

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