My latest love/obsession/project (as of Saturday)

Waiting for some friends to grab their tickets at the Metro, the concept of ‘planking’ all of a sudden clicked for me. I was standing in front of the stair well, looked down and thought, “I want to plank on this railing, I wanna see what it feels like to interact with this space in an entirely different way.”

I’d first heard about planking years ago when everyone else did, it was an internet meme, and I thought it was dumb, just plain pointless really. Then this summer at a music festival, a friend of mine was like “lets all plank on these tables”, and we got about 6 or 7 people doing it at once (some strangers even!), lots of people were taking photographs and then I thought, “well this is actually super fun! it’s like performance art!”

I’m suddenly fascinated by it’s imagery; striking, whimsical and surreal, yet so simple it takes less than a minute to create. I also really like this idea of examining and challenging everyday life, and the patterns we follow. Why wouldn’t I do this? It’s like a way to re-connect my body to the space I’m in, which feels especially important in places like the metro and busy city streets, where everything can feel a little too systematic.

Also, I generally like to look like I’m a witch at all times.

A friend of mine sent me this clip of ‘The Office’ on Planking – hilarious!

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