6am bored at a weird party bathroom photo shoot.

(post haunted house acting) (hiding from frat boys) (plotting my escape)

(This week I was in a theatrical-improv theatre-fetish-haunted house called ‘NO!’ at Theatre Saint Catherine. Each of the nights, after parties and ongoing to all morning parties included, were probably the most fun I’ve had since moving to Montreal.

There were really intense bondage tables, topless girls digging blood out of pumpkins, wind up tap dancing dolls who get slaughtered, a drag couple doing a scene I didn’t see with whipped cream and dildos, various insane clowns, a magician with his mouth sewn shut, a girl staple gun-ing her own thighs, ect. I developed the character of a psychopathic ghost clown teenager who mentally manipulated patrons, sobbed hysterically, mimicked her suicide by self strangulation, taunted and strangled her girly clown sister, stalked groups moving through the house by using secret passages to be constantly appearing in every room, trying to touch their faces from behind a curtain and spent the whole time staring at them like an haunted & possessed but curious virgin. ahaha. so so fun. Everyone was so freaky and beautiful and wonderful and hilarious and loves to dance till all hours. Halloween is just the all time best time of year. I’ll post more photo’s soon.)


Interviewed on my self portraits and reading habits.

I meant to post about this a few weeks ago but October is a feisty mistress who leaves little time for blogging and staying on top of to do lists.

So, unfortunately the ‘My Favorite Book Contest’ and ‘Saskatchewan Library Week’ are both over, but! still exciting because I was asked to do a self portrait series for their promotions and posters. Then they also interviewed me for their blog about my history and process of doing self portraiture, growing up in ‘the internet age’, my secret life in libraries and of course my favorite books!

Just in case you don’t want to read the entire thing, here’s a preview:

– …my art became a way to subvert the experience of feeling exploited.
– …I’m never nervous or shy in front of my own camera, which allows for rawness and vulnerability…
– …It’s probably my favourite love story, told entirely through letters and artwork sent back and forth through a fantasy landscape between people who may or may not exists only in each others imaginations. I feel it may not be so far off from real life romance in many ways, or is that just me.
– …I usually like to switch back and forth between fact and fiction.

you can read the rest of the interview here (and read the others+more about the contest+Saskatchewan Libraries)

NOTE: huge thanks to Jeannie Straub for encouraging me to be apart of this!

Yesterdays two very different self portraits:

Both were done with india ink pens with the concept of how I perceive my – pink, psoriasis covered, floral, leopard print, diamond encrusted skin – with more in the works.

I’m interested in what shapes, patterns and imagery the unpredictable designs in my skin can resemble and how to represent them (and it as a whole) in a visually enticing way.