The Road Trips First Legs.

A couple of weeks ago, four friends and I set out to drive down to California for the Coachella Music Festival. These are the first couple of days worth in photos:

Courtney aka The Dazzler.

Americans just seem to name their gas stations the darn’dest of things.

Getting acquainted with our new home, the (universal) gas station.

My “hugs may cause head wounds” stitches.

The Ranch House Motel in Bozeman Montana.

Super stellar antique store in Bozeman.

Brenan aka Tarzan.

Nearing the Grand Canyon! …to be continued…

I’ve been “cleaning my room.”

Aka hung up some new art (vintage photographs + a pin up style drawing of a teacher seductively clutching a globe) that I bought at the Antique mall (quite possibly my favorite place in the city) today and collecting some clothes to purge, while watching Ted talks. This one’s quite fitting:

Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness | Video on