Forgot about this, important find, from late August.

High on mushrooms with my best friend on my 22nd birthday, sitting in the dirt, watching him play in the trees on the mountain, all of time seemed to have collapsed on itself, and at the risk of sounding like hocus pocus, everything in material reality seemed like a big inside joke. It seemed obvious to me that our bodies are new, but our souls old, if old is even measurable at all; but that the soul and body are not the same. Faced with the physical reality that is my body; one of a young woman, of what I’ve learned is “classically beautiful”, “striking”, a genetic lottery of sorts, and at the same time, in a constant immune battle against itself and in near daily danger just for existing, just for being a female person, the lesser sex; all things I struggle to consolidate inside myself everyday, I remembered, re~learnt, decided, that my body carries lessons I can learn, this time around. That the vessel I carry doesn’t define me, and doesn’t decide my fate necessarily, but has much to teach, it has much to inform my experience of living, and is an essential tool in my art.

I have officially entered the adult race.

You’re not a woman till you’ve had a pedicure right?

Fast Fact: I work at a clothing boutique in Regina called Seed. Check out our facebook here: (blog coming soon)

It’s all Independent Canadian design, sustainably made and wickedly beautiful. The stores owner, Lisa, AKA my boss lady/friend/adoptive family, took me to the mineral spa and mani/pedi’s in Moose Jaw for my twentieth birthday.

Which was actually in August, but we’re friggen busy laaaaydies!

Unfortunately, we could only stay the day since I had to be back for a dance rehearsal, (busy busy busy) but we had just enough time to discover the best restaurant between Calgary and Winnipeg, a diner called Deja Vu.

These coffee mugs were made for us.

Meet the new love of my life.

Deep Fried Pickle for 2.99$ Seriously, the most delicious thing of all time.

The wall of Milkshake flavor options is this x5.

The list of chicken wing sauce options is this x5.

It was mid afternoon and slow when we went so they offered to make us each 12 wings in 6 different flavors, so so nice!

And! if all of this wasn’t enough, they have a liquor license. Incredible!

Now I’m going to eat these wings in bed while I watch the Tudors, which is just basically medieval themed porn, and pretend I’m still soaking in salt water.

I say you’re not a woman till you’ve had killer diner food.

So, I can officially say that I’ve joined the adult race.