Just keep Driving Driving Driving.

Coachella road trip continued…

We stopped for a ‘everyone’s going car crazy’ break on a side road and discovered this totally spooky and wicked abandoned gas station. We were tempted to raid it for antiques and/or treasures but time constraints got the better of us.

Power lines may be my favorite thing about urbanism, they remind me of inukshuks or people or robots. They look alive to me, and maybe they are in a way, since they’re filled with energy. In my journal I wrote,

“Who builds all of these power lines? and do they know they’re beautiful?”
I’m fascinated by geometric imagery created accidentally and for practical purposes.

Are we there yet? NO. We’re getting lost on crazy fucking freeways. Everyone yell a different suggested direction at once, and smoke all of the cigarettes.

I feel like I may have been the most and least helpful, because I don’t drive and I’m shit-all at navigation. So I’m super easy going and don’t mind an extra hours worth in the car due to unnecessary detours because I’m not the one behind the wheel, and I could read + daydream contently forever, but maps also just look like beautiful images to me.

The seas of windmills in California were so beautiful I almost cried, a few times.

They gave me an incredible sense that maybe, humanity will be okay? Is that Cheesy enough for everybody? Seriously. I was just so overwhelmed by the sensation that this is the kind of society I’d like to live in. The caring and innovative kind.

To be continued… next up, the actual festival, promise!