Connections Between Consumerism and Women’s Rights

I recently wrote a piece for SEED Sustainable Style’s blog! this is an excerpt:

Living in the age of ‘the first world’ and what a friend of mine has referred to as ‘a million waves’ of feminism, doesn’t mean that we can expect to just sit back and enjoy the ride, as if everything will be alright. Many institutions, including corporate advertising companies, and *Ahem*, our current Canadian government, are in a pretty constant effort to push back the gains previous waves of feminism have made. For the same reason that companies and politicians continue to sign off on the use of ecologically damaging products and practices, because they are more immediately profitable; I personally feel that it’s crucial for us to recognize that the oppression of women’s sexualities, self confidence and personal right to a sense of worth free of a husband or child(ren), is profitable in our current first world – capitalist economy.

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Take Back the City – Glide

The past couple of weeks have been pretty:
hectic, emotional, serendipitous, messy, hilarious, incredible.

I’ve been busy busy busy:

– SEED put on a fashion show for ‘Glide, A runway event for our oceans’ an incredible night organized by Avril Biggin, with proceeds going to Shark Truth ( to stop shark fining (seriously, google it, awful).

Between modeling, working at the store, doing fittings, three days of rehearsals, helping Lisa get aprox 45 outfits by 16 different designers from across Canada and 12 models organized, making new friends, writing program inserts, intensive hair and makeup, the show itself and necessary ‘end of the day’ drinks; sleep was scarce that week but the exhaustion was well worth it. To be a part of an actual real live runway show of that caliber, conceptually and esthetically, was exhilarating. I felt for a moment like this is a city where things like that happen all of the time, and why shouldn’t they? Here are some photos I snapped in the chaos:

Robin Poitras rehearsing her silk dance (performed on the runway as a part of the show) at the New Dance Horizons Studio. This is also where we had model boot camp, aka practicing our runway walks all monday afternoon.

Models in waiting.

View of the city from Envy, the night club (on Dewdney) hosting the event.

Side note, while I was taking this photo a toothless man approached me saying, “Hey sweetheart, want some candy?” I’ve never actually heard that line in real life before.

The gorgeous Alyx!

Matching my booty shorts to the runway makeup… or was it the other way around?

Practicing my model face, ha!
You can see a video of the event, made by Preston Kanak, here.

…and my ‘Take Back the City’ post is to be continued…