Just a messy collection of holiday-like thoughts.

It’s my first actual day back in my hometowwwwwn.

And I haven’t slept, at all. this is my latest thing, to not be able to, or sometimes to not even really try to sleep when everyone else is.

I just can’t turn my brain off.

And at night my brain goes into super high gear over drive, it just happens to be when I discover ALL of the best twitter poets, and stellar feminist blog articles that link to 5 more articles that I want to read in each one.

And the cats, at my old house, where I’m staying, they’re like genetically modified cuddle cats, like I couldn’t sleep and miss that supreme level of cuteness, no way.

I had a shower this morning forgetting that it’s winter and that my hair will freeze if I go outside for hours now (I’m firmly super anti blow dryers near my precious hair).

Things are so much easier in the big city.
In Montreal your hair is always insta-2 days greasy in that so sexy way you always wish it would be, even right after you’ve just washed it. It’s like, from the pollution or something.

So I’m writing from bed instead of my desired old haunt coffee shop.
The bonus to this is CATS. the bonus is always cats. right now I have a cat friend head rest. puuurrrrrrrr therapy.

Maybe my ideal man is a cat. wait not maybe, definitely. Am I a cat? what?

I might never leave this house. just perpetuate a spa scenario throughout the entire holidays. Pretty sure I look transplanted straight from the 60’s, in my matching behive towel-duvet cover set.

I got into town last night around 10 or something, my sister and I drover here from Saskatoon where I’d been for a couple of days after taking the train there from Montreal.

It was my moms birthday yesterday and so we just went for beers at the pub to catch up.

So far I’ve noticed two things that have changed about the city.

Number one:
All of my friends are in couples, and more specifically, all different couples than when I left.
Number two:
There’s this weird space age looking plastic dome over the courthouse. I guess they’re re-doing the bricks or something. I’m really in favor of all space age themed and/or styled scenarios, especially with the end/beginning of the world happening this week and the soon to be aired Mars Astronaut try-outs reality TV show (if you haven’t heard of this, you’ve seriously gotta Google.)

The train ride was was long (5pm Tuesday to 1am Thursday in total) and super beautiful and I didn’t take any pictures, but had such a wonderful time.
Coffee, chess, making friends and story telling/listening are really all consuming.
I was on vacation!

The way that I pack feels like a sign of serious psychological trauma. What’s with trying to carry my entire life with me at all times? It’s like I want to be constantly prepared for maybe never going home, or back to where ever I cam from.

A friend and I at the pub last night were joking that I’m getting a university degree in perversion, yep perfect.

I had a strange time in Saskatoon for a few reasons,
One being that I was at one of those parties where everybody and their parents are there, along with their parents ex husbands/wives, and their ex lovers and they’ve all dated and every one of them is someones parent/child, and the connections get to be sort of totally hilarious especially when set in this super beautiful Christmas scene and it’s just all too made for a TV movie.

Another reason is because I fainted at the party.
I’ve never fainted before, and it was probably because I had forgotten to eat all (was sleeping most of the) day, it was also speculated that traveling and lots of change could be factors. I was talking to someone normally and then all of a sudden everything, like all of my senses, were going in and out of focus. I couldn’t figure out what was going at first so I tried to continue my conversation, and then I fell over/friends carried/shuffled me upstairs. It’s a terrible feeling, my first instincts were ‘am I somehow high?’ and ‘am I going insane?’ Like what is happening and why am I not in control of my body? The good thing is that almost as soon as I laid down I felt better, and my little sister brought me carrot sticks and bread and then we just had girl chats upstairs for a while.

Someone later asked why I fainted and an ex boy-friends mom/friend replied for me, “because she’s just a Jane Austen kind of girl.” ha!

Now I’m off for an all day bash with a ton of hometown friends, AWWWW! (cats)

Lately – Saskatchewan Summer: childhood, festivals and waiting for the train.

Jera and I got hours of amusement out of these Barbie wigs.
I spent four days this summer working for Charmaine Hussum in the paint department on the set of ‘Stranded’, a sci-fi film staring Christian Slater (watch The Heathers – best psychopathic romance – Winona forever) that’s now currently in production in Regina. The film takes place on a space ship and everything was painted one of three shades of grey.

I used to work on film sets all the time (usually as an extra or stand in) because my parents were both actors, but I hadn’t for a few years until this summer and had a really comforting sense of feeling at home there. The days are really long (usually 12 hours) and tiring (imagine me, heavy lifting!) laced with a dry, sarcastic humor but always different and interesting (I love that sense of creating a physical but imaginary space). Everyone drinks too much Tim Hortons coffee, gossips, works really hard, pulls endless inside jokes and ironically seems to be right out of a real TV show. Taking photos is unfortunately (but understandably) banned on set for copy right reasons or I’d have taken a ton of them!On July 14th we hosted a ‘Virtual Garden Party’ in the backyard at SEED for New Dance Horizons annual ‘Secret Garden Tour’ to raise funds for their never ending list of dance performances, workshops and events. We decorated our back yard (pictured here: my floral framing workspace, using magazine cut outs, my own pillow cases and antique paintings to adorn our white washed fence), had local artists/friends put together garden themed videos and photographs that were projected on our neighboring building, a DJ, and dance performances in the space. The night was a total blast and felt really more like a party in three parts: the official socializing and artsy affair, the wino-rain-dance and dress up-photo shoot hilarity, and the late night (early morning) hookah smoking hang out. Check out these great (way higher quality) party photos by Jason Orban.Artwork by Lisa Lowen at the RobBos Art Projects Gallery. So gorgeous.Self portrait-reflections photo taken in a parking lot on my (shortcut) walk downtown.There’s a new boss in my house and she’s the most adorable rascal without a name (that’s stuck yet). I mostly just call her any and all terms of endearment. AWWWWWWWW!!!Life in Saskatchewan: always waiting for a train when you’re in a rush. Taken just outside of Indian Head on our way to Katepwa beach. My sister and I spent last weekend there at a family friends cabin to help watch over their two children, Sam, 8 and Sophie, 6, who’re autistic. They’re probably my favorite people alive, ultimately the sweetest ever.

Sam has no language and is what’s called “low functioning” – he can’t take care of himself, communicate in any traditional way or learn (spacial or personal) boundaries but he’s so incredibly beautiful and intelligent in a way that you have watch very closely to realize because it’s unlike any one else. He loves patterned fabric, ice cream, playing in water, tickle fights, climbing everything, cuddling and anything that he can touch or play with that has texture and movement, like grass, ribbon and curtains. Sophie is at a much different place on the autism spectrum, she goes to a regular school and can read really well. She  loves mud, the lion king, singing, her kittens, playing outside, dress up and telling stories.

*I (very) unfortunately didn’t get any photos of them because I was always distracted by trying to keep an eye on them (Sam has a habit for running away, down the shore line, onto roads, ect). My immediate family has never been much of the cabin types, so it’s really lovely to have adopted extended family that like to have camp fires and fix boats.

Picking out makeup is hard! I could spend days at the MAC counter. Dangerous.
(wearing my current favorite, a recycled spoon ‘Saskatchewan’ ring)

This week I’ve been in Saskatoon at the Fringe festival, mostly shopping and chugging coffee. Tonight I’m seeing the latest show by one of my favorite poets, Jem Rolls. He’s british and incredible and kind of reminds me of my dad in a tough love and boxy Hawaiian T-shirt kind of way.

This weekend is also the Regina Folk Festival, where I’ll be working at the SEED booth in the Arts Market (come and visit!), wearing glitter, drooling over the mass of talent and dancing for as long as my lace-y leather boots can carry me.

busy busy busy.
OH, and I’m moving to Montreal in approximately twenty days.
Now begins the countdown of daily seizure-ly freak out moments, hard to swallow nostalgia and friends pre-maturely watery eyes of goodbye.

choooo chooooo (train sounds).

Stay Weird

What to do when it’s minus a million?
Girl chats while tea drinking and cutting up old Life magazines, of course.

Jane likes to be a part of the creative process.


Unfinished bondage collage and ‘Framboise’ by Jera.


‘AH, YOUTH’ and ‘Stay Weird’ by yours truuu-ly.

These pictures were also taken by Jera. (Ipads are the future!)
Check out her way lovely blog, Lemonade Winter.