my weekend

mead in coffee mugs while watching rabbits flirt at midnight.
“you look older than twenty, take that however you like.”
character study of Barbie practiced in studio and at the pub(on dancefloor).
the best performance I’ve seen in ages, Shane Koyczan at the Artesian.
collecting souvenirs of maps and of songs missed.
boys who do the best Adele telling us we made his night.
moonlight matching skin tones kissing beneath telephone poles.
pretending bikes are horses, galloping towards coffee and eggs through sunlight.
complimentary chocolate covered chemically grown strawberries.
getting paid for my pen on paper.
seeing “My Weekend with Marilyn” loving Monroe mostly only.
costumes looking natural and wine like fountains.
friends at my door, waking me for church (brunch).
feminist theory on the highway.
dinner party conversation booming and rippling while I eat everything.

A Family Affair

Last night ‘The Brothers’, aka Tim, Kyle and Syd, put on ‘A Family Affair’, a lovely night of dancing and drinking at the German Club in honor of the Family Day long weekend, and asked me to take awkward family photos. Here are some of my favorites from the night:

You can see the rest of them, including the awkward family photos themselves, here.