Some disposable camera photograph highlights taken this fall.


________________________________________________space ship!McDonalds at the VIA rail station in Montreal. _______________________in an apartment buildng somwhere. photo diary of my bed.________________________

Just for Laughs (and fashionable jackets)

Late night drunken walks to the RobBos Art Projects Gallery and staring in the windows of the Artful Dodger with Katherine and Eve, photos taken by Jera.


I bought this disposable camera at the dollar store for $2, here are the pictures that I like:

These were taken backstage at the Fada Dance Christmas Party.

My favorites are the sun drenched-y ones, most of the others in the roll were too dark. I was also really looking forward to this picture that I thought I’d taken of a friends little vintage blue box filled with perfectly arranged gold magnum condoms but it must not have worked. I think I’ll buy another and focus more on light.