Lately – Mapping and Magnums

I’m taking this class called ARTX 280, which is a studio class open to the exploration and use of basically any and all materials and mediums, (we’re doing video and sound work later in the year). Today we toured the wood, welding and ‘prototype’ workshop-studios. The facilities here are amazing! And, in the most incredible, very tall building that’s almost entirely windows. *small-city girl swoon. (!!!!)

Our first project is on mapping/maps, and we have to keep a sketchbook to record/map out our days, in whatever way we choose to interpret that concept. Since I’m already doing a sketch/journal book for another class, I decided to do most of my work for this one as a blog page. I’m using a lot of digital photographs and I find it easier to type than write in length by hand anyways, although I’m still using an accompanying sketchbook for scribbled ideas, old metro passes and drawings.

So! Many of the photographs that I would normally post here (mostly of wanderings around the city, beautiful graffiti walls, spatially relevant self portraits, ect.) are instead on this other page, so check it out! Although, here is one picture I didn’t include:*Right before leaving home I made (in about two minutes) my sister her 18th birthday present (only …6 months late) which was 5 magnum condoms glued to a canvas painted entirely with india ink. And it’s kind of one of my favorite things I’ve ever made, ever. My roommate even told me quite honestly that he thought it was one of my best works. Ha! #masterpiece – I wonder if I could make my living glueing condoms to canvases?