Welcome to Coachella!

road trip continued…

We arrived after dark, lined our car up at the gates, drank the last of our Buddha beers, escaped a full car search and attempted to set up a ten man tent in the dark without an instruction manual, which was a disaster. In the end the lovebirds took the mini tent and myself and the boys slept outside. We woke up to +40 heat and within the first day both Josh and Matt had sun stroke. It felt a little bit like survival of the fittest for the sunniest.

This is the magical H&M tent, featuring staff hired to dump huge buckets of water on everyone, a photo booth, a lot of kissing and this hilarious room filled with water beds, TV’s, photo props, camera phones and young sweaty people piled on top of each other.

The festival grounds are almost endless.

Bird guardians and survival necessities.

I saw more shows in three days than I ever have, Jeff Mangum, The Shins, Bon Iver, Tune Yards, The Big Pink, Beirut, Florence and the Machine, Radio Head… just to name a few.

Radio head was the most incredible show of all time, youtube it. Seriously.
I was in total overstimulated shock. It may have been my favorite thing ever.

Coffee shop sanctuary just a 20 minute walk into town from the festival.
“Can I get a quad shot expresso on ice please?”

“We’re here to eat the food we like and make love. That’s it. Everything else is bullshit.”
-Brenan aka Tarzan