Interviewed on my self portraits and reading habits.

I meant to post about this a few weeks ago but October is a feisty mistress who leaves little time for blogging and staying on top of to do lists.

So, unfortunately the ‘My Favorite Book Contest’ and ‘Saskatchewan Library Week’ are both over, but! still exciting because I was asked to do a self portrait series for their promotions and posters. Then they also interviewed me for their blog about my history and process of doing self portraiture, growing up in ‘the internet age’, my secret life in libraries and of course my favorite books!

Just in case you don’t want to read the entire thing, here’s a preview:

– …my art became a way to subvert the experience of feeling exploited.
– …I’m never nervous or shy in front of my own camera, which allows for rawness and vulnerability…
– …It’s probably my favourite love story, told entirely through letters and artwork sent back and forth through a fantasy landscape between people who may or may not exists only in each others imaginations. I feel it may not be so far off from real life romance in many ways, or is that just me.
– …I usually like to switch back and forth between fact and fiction.

you can read the rest of the interview here (and read the others+more about the contest+Saskatchewan Libraries)

NOTE: huge thanks to Jeannie Straub for encouraging me to be apart of this!

More Lolita. My Love , My Lo.

“I was not really prepared for her fits of disorganized boredom, intense and vehement griping, her sprawling, droopy, dopey eyed style, and what is called ‘goofing off’ – a kind of diffused clowning which she thought was tough in a boyish hoodlum way.” – ‘Lolita’ p.150

Just, just so brilliant! I’m tempted to write down every one of my favorite sentences, but by then I’d be quoting almost the entire book.

Beginning my personally appointed book club by Lisa and Leah.

Just the third page and already, this:

 ‘…”offensive” is frequently but a synonym for “unusual;” and a great work of art is of course always original, and thus by its very nature should come as a more or less shocking surprise.’

– ‘Lolita’, Forward

White Blindness and Everything Hurts

This piece on Thought Catalog by Kate Massy is a really beautiful reflection on the emotional spectrum and it’s inevitable waves of darkness and light.

‘The girl I kissed might have a variety of feelings, but she might not. She might have some directed at me, but she might not. This is okay. We live in a spectrum of color that overwhelms us with joy in equal measure to sadness. A few weeks ago, I left a bar alone because I couldn’t handle talking to anyone; being there felt like a silly waste. A few days ago, I left a bar with her. I put my arm around her and mentioned that she smelled nice, and that moment was neither silly nor wasteful.’

(click the quotation to follow the link)

Like shut up, I can’t get off the internet.

Earlier tonight I clicked a link posted by a FB friend leading to this fantastic post by my new favorite blogger: Am I A Hypocrite For Professing Radical Self Love While Wearing 5 Inch Heels? The Intersection Between Fashion, Personal Expression & Loving Who You Are

Her blog is endless in itself and filled with links to other incredible sites, so I’ve been stuck in the internet since, reading/looking at things like:

Add that to checking up on all of the other lovely lady bliggers I’ve been following lately like Model Burn Book, Rachel Rabbit, Slutever, Jane-in-bedHeadspace (n.) and the whole universe of Thought Catalog, and I may never leave my bedroom again.

Except yes I will.

But seriously, it’s dangerous, there’s so much to see and read and feel inspired by. I’m so easily distracted by wanting to absorb it all, while also trying to write and create my own work (and do things like clean or whatever).

The internet feels like an endless buffet of every kind of food you can imagine,
and I love food. Talk about over stimulation.

Passive Productivity

I drew this while lying in bed and watching mad men, holding a mirror above my head.

It’s intended to be a self portrait although I’m not sure it looks much like me. I’m a fan of my right eye, nose and shadowing, but my left eye and mouth were a struggle. Good practice anyway, I haven’t drawn with pencil in far too long. Probably would have helped if I wasn’t as lazy as possible, ha. After this I decided start the Hunger Games at 2am, bad idea, depending on how you look at it. I could not stop reading.

Such a comforting sensation, to completely loose yourself in fiction.

Lately – Inspired by Patterns and Projections.

-I’ve been listening to this album by Holobody on repeat. I might be biased because it’s written and produced by an old friend of mine and his sister but seriously, they are wicked talented and kind of heart breaking-ly lovely.

-I just started ‘Diary’ by Chuck Palahniuk, kindly lent to me by my friend Rob and his seemingly endless library. Palahniuks sentence structure makes me LOL a lot. It’s so unapologetic and chaotic and beautiful and addicting.

“Before we go any further, you might want to put on some extra clothes. You might want to stock up on some extra B-vitamins. Maybe some extra brain cells. If you’re reading this in public, stop until you’re wearing your best underwear.
Even before this you might want to get on the list somewhere for a donor liver.
You can see where this is going.”

Reading his books make me want to marry him, and I don’t even want to marry anyone maybe. Also he’s kind of really sexy, yes I have stalked his twitter pics. The only other person I think about marrying is Tim Burton, so… I’ll let you know how that goes.

-My style goal the past coupe of days has been to look like one of those beautiful 15 year old boys who might actually be a girl. Basically I’ve been dressing like guys I’ve “dated”. 

*but dated is a loose term and also, what’s a Holden?

This is funny/interesting to me because last week I only wanted to wear lace and 3 long skirts at once, all goddess like. I’ve read some articles on ovulation and the constant flux of hormones in women that make me think the two are connected, cycle – style. In the past year or so I’ve been trying to be body conscious enough to know where I am in the month without keeping track of any exact dates. The patterns I’ve discovered, not only in physical changes but also emotionally and personality-wise are really interesting and I have a feeling that recognizing them could be really useful.

-I painted my nails this color:

Before that they were glitter-y and before that they were like this:

-And some recent pictures of course:

Adora-boys Ryan and Randal at Seed.

This is what the world looks like most nights as I leave work. (minus the spliced tree)

Colbys beautiful projector-photo frame design.

My shadows reflections shadow, I think?

Colbys dad gave him this for Christmas. I took some pictures before we drank it all.

With flash and without.

I really like the way these turned out and kind of think that money’s never looked better.

Oh, brother. (we’re like basically siblings, best friends, whatever)

Colbys window sills.

Collage night with Jera and Jane. Ipads are magic.

Almost froze my fingers off because I like this.

I probably subconsciously clogged the sink at work on purpose so that cutie plumbers would be hanging around all day. Genius.

– Also, tonight I had my first Capoeira class at Fada, taught by the ‘Professor’ while my regular dance teacher, Fran, is overseas. My basic understanding is that Capoeira’s a martial art form disguised as dancing, developed by African slaves  after being shipped to Brazil beginning around the 16th century and has since become an integral part of Brazilian culture.

I was pretty scared at first because my upper body strength isn’t the best and it’s a lot of intense partner-holding/stretching, partner-handstand exercises, partner-back flipping and partner-cart weal flips, as well as fast footwork choreography, stick fighting and singing. I screamed a lot at first but by the end of class I had totally fallen in love, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in a movement class before.

Oh and, I’m in the middle of applications to various art schools,
which are freaking expensive