Welcome to Coachella!

road trip continued…

We arrived after dark, lined our car up at the gates, drank the last of our Buddha beers, escaped a full car search and attempted to set up a ten man tent in the dark without an instruction manual, which was a disaster. In the end the lovebirds took the mini tent and myself and the boys slept outside. We woke up to +40 heat and within the first day both Josh and Matt had sun stroke. It felt a little bit like survival of the fittest for the sunniest.

This is the magical H&M tent, featuring staff hired to dump huge buckets of water on everyone, a photo booth, a lot of kissing and this hilarious room filled with water beds, TV’s, photo props, camera phones and young sweaty people piled on top of each other.

The festival grounds are almost endless.

Bird guardians and survival necessities.

I saw more shows in three days than I ever have, Jeff Mangum, The Shins, Bon Iver, Tune Yards, The Big Pink, Beirut, Florence and the Machine, Radio Head… just to name a few.

Radio head was the most incredible show of all time, youtube it. Seriously.
I was in total overstimulated shock. It may have been my favorite thing ever.

Coffee shop sanctuary just a 20 minute walk into town from the festival.
“Can I get a quad shot expresso on ice please?”

“We’re here to eat the food we like and make love. That’s it. Everything else is bullshit.”
-Brenan aka Tarzan


Just keep Driving Driving Driving.

Coachella road trip continued…

We stopped for a ‘everyone’s going car crazy’ break on a side road and discovered this totally spooky and wicked abandoned gas station. We were tempted to raid it for antiques and/or treasures but time constraints got the better of us.

Power lines may be my favorite thing about urbanism, they remind me of inukshuks or people or robots. They look alive to me, and maybe they are in a way, since they’re filled with energy. In my journal I wrote,

“Who builds all of these power lines? and do they know they’re beautiful?”
I’m fascinated by geometric imagery created accidentally and for practical purposes.

Are we there yet? NO. We’re getting lost on crazy fucking freeways. Everyone yell a different suggested direction at once, and smoke all of the cigarettes.

I feel like I may have been the most and least helpful, because I don’t drive and I’m shit-all at navigation. So I’m super easy going and don’t mind an extra hours worth in the car due to unnecessary detours because I’m not the one behind the wheel, and I could read + daydream contently forever, but maps also just look like beautiful images to me.

The seas of windmills in California were so beautiful I almost cried, a few times.

They gave me an incredible sense that maybe, humanity will be okay? Is that Cheesy enough for everybody? Seriously. I was just so overwhelmed by the sensation that this is the kind of society I’d like to live in. The caring and innovative kind.

To be continued… next up, the actual festival, promise!

Vegas is a (Casino) Circus.

Coachella road trip continued…

Las Vegas is a strange and smoggy place with more LED lights, advertisements and professional drug dealers than anywhere else I’ve ever been. Highlights include:

Everything Circus Everything Circus Everything.

Walking all the way down the strip. More slot machines than there were people and public burlesk-pirate themed theater productions.

Reflections of lights and various other shiny things. All of the flashing and bright and neon is actually kind of underwhelming in person, but the effect of so many glass surfaces near to each other, and the reflections that ensure, are spectacular.

Bow tie boy, aka my major soul mate sighting on an over pass walk-way above the strip. No one in Vegas looks like anyone I would ever love except him, definitely. Cue a classic double glance back with extra yearning, and Courtney saying, “Oh, he likes you!” even though we never spoke. Attention: this is a Craigslist ad: I was wearing a floor length grey dress with all of my hair pulled back and if you are bow tie boy, or know him personally, please contact me immediately. How moments like that happen I will never know, but I’m intent on having many of them, and will insist on cherishing even my 30 second romances.

The Stratosphere aka the gigantic penis landmark only a block from our motel,
and Matt drinking the tallest vodka.

Staying at the Fun City motel.
Fully equipped with trashy fashion photo shoots and elaborate Tarzan impersonations.
(but no weddings)

Discovering the gigantic brunch buffet at the Stratosphere, and the adorable man who made our omelets, and when Matt and I pretended to break into a (mock of a) vigorously passionate make out session at our table (I may have even wrapped a leg around him and stomped it up on the table) and all three tables nearby were staring in shock.

Hailing my own cab on the strip, and feeling at home because either cab drivers are  universally kind no matter where you are or I have good luck. (maybe both?)

“Hi, I’m going to a motel on the same block as the penis building.”

to be continued…

I would move to Arizona for the colours alone.

Coachella road trip continued…

After leaving the so adorable Bozeman, Montana, we drove all day and night to arrive at the Grand Canyon sometime in the AM (we were avoiding the clocks and ate a disgusting amount of icing sugar-coated mini donuts). Also, some people bought jelly filled donuts and some bought what they thought were jelly filled but weren’t, so there was a lot of frustration because those are really important miscommunications.

It was too hot to sleep, and almost too hot to read, which may have had something to do with the current punk based soundtrack but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the windows anyways.

“Fucking nature anyways eh? What a whore.” – Courtney

Landscapes like water colour paintings accented by gigantic flags saying,
“God Bless America.” – my journal

AH the colours!

Getting to the center of the canyon is approximately a four hour drive there and back so we only drove up to the river side. We went for a very quick morning dip, since the water was so cold, then laid on the dock for a while and relished in the sun, since it was snowing in Regina when we left. Then on our way back we stopped to take pictures of the crazy alien rocks and ended up cliff climbing for at least an hour. (I’m the least cliff climb-y)

All of the rocks were so beautiful, I couldn’t help myself. By the time we’d decided to leave I was running down the cliff-side with an arm full of glittering earth-skin.

Then we sat on a gorgeous patio and drank delicious american beers.
To be continued…

The Road Trips First Legs.

A couple of weeks ago, four friends and I set out to drive down to California for the Coachella Music Festival. These are the first couple of days worth in photos:

Courtney aka The Dazzler.

Americans just seem to name their gas stations the darn’dest of things.

Getting acquainted with our new home, the (universal) gas station.

My “hugs may cause head wounds” stitches.

The Ranch House Motel in Bozeman Montana.

Super stellar antique store in Bozeman.

Brenan aka Tarzan.

Nearing the Grand Canyon! …to be continued…

Lately – The practice of being upside down.

In one of my classes at Fada Dance we’ve started a piece with headstands. So far though I usually don’t make it past the starting pose, head and arms on the ground, staring at my own feet on tip toes.

There’s some sort of huge structure being built on Broad St. a few blocks from my house according to this gigant-a-gon crane that I’ve made a habit of ogling daily. Beauty isn’t she.

I’m such a fan of stray sidewalk furniture.

I’ve discovered major love for natural dyeing. Eve, Jera and Katherine planned a whole evening of “blowing out” (all puns intended) our own eggs and dying them with things like berries, apples, coffee, and the unanimous favorite, red onion (far top right).

Between the three of them I pale in cooking/crafting knowledge, so my roles are often things like color theorist, dye stir-er, cheese grater and “drink this wine before it goes bad,” and I have to give them the credit, but man is it fun! Also egg blowing is like hours of entertainment, and makes for some hilarious competition. Afterwards we (they) made a quiche, using leftover food from making the dyes (so resourceful!). We also tied the eggs together to make mobiles for Katherine’s windows. The white of the eggs has a really nice glow, making them almost look lit ‘from within’, so pretty!

This past weekend Eve, Jera and I went to Regina’s sleeker and hipper, older sister city of Saskatoon for the weekend. We stayed with our friend Bishop who lives with her Grandpa, he built their house, and more importantly, made this:

the all time most fantastical thing to discover when coming home drunk at 3am.

Seriously, people there really are sleeker, and “hipper”, although the three of us decided we weren’t sure we liked it that way.

A running joke became that we were from 1992 (and so were the people we attracted, cars we got into and clothes we bought) while most of the city and it’s oh so young population were from present day twooo thousand and tweeelve. This comparison was made because although we’re probably biased, Regina feels considerably grungy-er, and kind of more authentic than the super styled, highly esthetic but often lacking in “fashion guts” look of all the beautiful people we were (at times unable to stop) watching.

The city structure and design overall are just so gorgeous, and all of the little restaurants have such an attention to detail right down to their too adorable menu cards that the uninspiring blanket look of hipster masses seemed particularly obvious. But also, they have way better shopping (obviously) and I found my new favorite tights, they’re multi colored and printed with vegetables! Like I actually screamed out loud probably.

I found some total jems while zoned on the highway, going though old photographs on my laptop in the back seat, like this picture my sister took of me rain painting 4 years ago,

I’m so bringing blue lipstick back.

Overall absolute road trip success, fully equipped with: nick names for every crush, homemade car snacks, drinking beers in bar washrooms, an indie shopping marathon, stalking adorable indie bands, a lot of venting, wine-in-bed philosophical conversations, interactions worthy of impersonations (I walked into a party this week where Jera was mid-way though a re-inaction of my flirting/being flirted with), serendipitous adventures, making friends, attics with blue 70’s shag carpet, the best naps and giggle-y-est of brunches.


Holy endless book list! I’m still mid re-read of Sex at Dawn, I’ve just started ‘The Ethical Slut’, which I bought this weekend at Turning the Tide, and I’m saving the third Game of Thrones for my next available day/night that I don’t have anywhere to be the next morning.   I’ve also been inducted into a book club of one by my lady friends Lisa and Leah who were shocked to hear that I’ve never read the classics, Lolita is first on my list.


March 27th, was my little sister Jamie’s 18th birthday.
She’s incredible and I love her wickedly.

This weekend I’m doing my first ever commissioned drawings, crazy!

Oh, and guess I’m going to Coachella. Insanity.

The first lesson in headstand school is to get comfortable being upside down.