Purgatory Between Two Lives.

I’m at the Edmonton airport right now on a layover between Montreal and Regina, it feels a lot like purgatory.

Airports remind me of the internet, almost place-less and glass tiled and filled with light and sort of freakishly open in some places but packed in others, so many different kinds of people and things inside, but themselves just feeling like framework to hold.

I have a pound of smoked meat in my carry on bag for my mom because she likes it so much, I declared it at the baggage check in just in case, and because I like saying it, “Meat. MEAT Meat Meat.”

I’m drinking a XL 4 hour old cold coffee. And I haven’t slept for more than 3 hours at once in over two days. Also, there are some ten year old girls hired to sing pop songs in the terminal? See, purgatory right? I’d for sure pack meat with me for purgatory, just in case, no access to flesh would really be the true torture.

I was so sad to leave MTL because everything is so sunny and all parks and all wine, all the time there right now. But, I said goodbye to a few of my closest friends for varying amounts of month long trips this week, so it seems like the right time to go.

I’m on route to the Queen City to work for/with Lisa, my boss lady/life partner who owns SEED Sustainable Style, for couple of weeks. She has designed/created her own collection for Saskatchewan Fashion Week (next week), and we’re also throwing what will be a super rad after party event called FORM at The Artful Dodger next Friday.

DIY hair dye. #glamor #gettingrunwayready

I’ll probably be the everywhere girl, which is how I often felt working for her for over two years before moving to Montreal, (and really like, variety!). Translating art vision speak into audience readable statements, social networking all over the place, preparing the clothes + anonymous tasks for the shows, modelling and performing for the shows + hopefully some photo shoots, and of course having soooooo much fun, and also drinking a lot of wine, hanging out with Liam (her unicorn greyhound) and wearing a lot of lipstick.

I’ve been feeling a little nervous about Regina itself because hometowns are dramatic. But, the closer I’m getting to actually being there, the more I’m looking forward to it and remembering the many things I love about the place (in contrast to all of the reasons why I left). To be honest though, now my number one concern over the next couple of weeks is who am I going to makeout with in my hometown?! Seriously. (male models hopefully?)

(another sad reason to leave MTL, flesh. FLESH Flesh Flesh. Wish I could have packed cuddles for purgatory. I’ve actually never been kissed in an airport so there’s a life goal.)

Oh well, only four more hours till I’m in the body of the beast. Raaawrr. ha.

Connections Between Consumerism and Women’s Rights

I recently wrote a piece for SEED Sustainable Style’s blog! this is an excerpt:

Living in the age of ‘the first world’ and what a friend of mine has referred to as ‘a million waves’ of feminism, doesn’t mean that we can expect to just sit back and enjoy the ride, as if everything will be alright. Many institutions, including corporate advertising companies, and *Ahem*, our current Canadian government, are in a pretty constant effort to push back the gains previous waves of feminism have made. For the same reason that companies and politicians continue to sign off on the use of ecologically damaging products and practices, because they are more immediately profitable; I personally feel that it’s crucial for us to recognize that the oppression of women’s sexualities, self confidence and personal right to a sense of worth free of a husband or child(ren), is profitable in our current first world – capitalist economy.

… read the rest here.

‘You’re taking a picture of me right now? Seriously?’

 I went into work the other day and these photographs were taped to the wall. My boss lady, Lisa Wicklund, and I taken while cold and exhausted during the Cathedral Village Arts festival by our friend Patrick Lewis. I just love that we have the exact same expression,

‘You’re taking a picture of me right now? Seriously?’

but he must have known what he was doing cause they actually turned out so nicely.

Ness Creek – Better than Christmas

I’m heading here (home, heart, heaven) for the week to work, wander and (t)wirl.

Ness Creek is an annual music festival nestled in the northern Saskatchewan forest. I’ve been going since I was eleven and this year am taking SEED with me as a pop up store.

I’d be jumping up and down if I wasn’t typing. I’m literally leaving in 3 minutes. Can’t wait.

Running with Sentences.

I just finished writing this post for SEED‘s blog about some of the things the store (and myself) is (are) doing this summer, the most important part of it being this sentence:

“Festivals for us, are like a hippy treat, a gypsy fix, a place to find a loving home for every silk patterned beauty we would at any other time of year need to layer over and under with fleece.”

My school teachers always told me not to run my sentences on-and-on-and-on, but but but, I just can’t stop! (and according to Vladimir Nabokov, I may never need to) Cause,  they don’t teach style in school, right? So you have to make it up. Cookie cutter me out.

Lately – Fashion and Fire and Frills

Here’s a long over due list of things I’ve been up to since returning from the States.

-I went to my very first roller derby game. Man are those girls kick ass and do they ever know how to party! They could almost get even a wuss like me into skates.

-Regina is so 1992 grunge and alley ways rule.
I felt this makeshift graffiti was timely considering the upcoming election.
3 guesses who I’m voting for. Hint: think woman in the arts.

-The first SaskFashion Week event was held downtown this May (see more on this later in the post). On the Thursday night some friends and I were dancing at O’Hanlons, our only downtown pub, and wanted to crash the after party when it had closed down. About 20 other people had the same idea and had pulled up in cars and on longboards surrounding  the Legion, but there was definitely no party happening. (turns out we had the wrong location, which actually worked out really well in our favor)

We called around but no one even had an available house without sleeping roommates.
Then someone suggested we rent a hotel room downtown. Genius.

We tried to be sneaky, all going through the parkade and in the back door while a guy with incredible eye lashes put the room on his credit card, but they later called our room to say that they knew exactly what we were doing, and just to be quiet or they’d kick us out.

Crazy, ridiculous things happen when you stick 20 twenty-somethings in a two bed hotel room at 3am. It’s like entering an alternative universe where you’re the only people left on earth except the hotel maids and security guards, who don’t even try to stop a group of you running barefoot from elevator to swimming pool.

Yes, we went swimming at 5am in our underwear. Yes, we watched the sunrise, stuck our heads really far out of the window and screamed our respective ‘fuck yous’ to the sky. Yes, various people did drugs, ate too much pizza, made out platonically and had sex.

Yes, it’s really fun to be reckless and spontaneous and young.

Tickets for each night of SFW runway shows were $60 which is fair but a little disappointing since largely because of this, the only young/creatively employed people I know who went were those who’d been a part of the event in some way. Thankfully for myself, on Friday and Saturday I was given free tickets courtesy of my boss lady Lisa Wicklund at SEED, since she couldn’t make it.

(also, if you check out our site, I wrote the opening blurb and list for the ‘WhySeed’ page – it’s a cool world when you get paid to write about things you’re proud to be a part of!)

So, I had a lot of fun getting dressed up for the events, and went alone. It was a really interesting experience, like stepping into this whole other side of a world I’ve never really been a part of. Through SEED I’ve worked on photo shoots and runway shows and talked directly with designers and helped to put on events, but it’s always been ‘uber-indie’ – like, myself and Lisa and a few other friends getting together to create our own advertisements on Sunday afternoons or at the store late at night. We do things in this way because we’re small and our ideas are too big to wait. This works well for people like us, and it’s the world I see myself most likely working in for most of my personal career (career=hopefully).

Here I am! Wearing vintage and an upcycled dress by 88 Queen St. from SEED.

But, what I saw at SFW was a well oiled machine consisting of hundreds of people. Hair and makeup stylists from all over the province had come, more than twenty designers and something like 8 stores (SEED wasn’t one of them) from around the city had runway shows and every night was sold out. Corporate sponsors played an essential role in the funding, and there was someone assigned to every possible task – the opposite of indie, where everyones constantly juggling various roles and usually paying out of their pocket to start -up. My impression is that the overall vision was more important than any individual person, although accommodated accordingly I’m sure, because the event was marketed to the masses. This is okay if that’s what you want, but personally, I felt a bit like an alien. It became incredibly clear to me (and I don’t mean this in the negative sense necessarily) that things never change much from being in high school. Once again I found myself familiarly sitting at the back of the room wearing upcycled and vintage, amidst a sea of every latest trend and floating between the barista girls, DJ boys and filmmaker nerds.

Also, eating free horderves, people watching and getting your picture taken is always a good time in my opinion, and though the work put into each show and the event overall is absolutely admirable, in all honesty, not many of the clothes featured were my personal taste. But, the hair on Friday night was totally killer, and the pieces I would wear, I really loved, especially those by Settler and Katherine Sthamann.

The after parties, however could not compare to the hotel room party, just saying.

-This is the sort of thing I come home to on a regular old night. I live with two dapper boys invested in habits like regular cribbage games and an admirable knowledge of alcohol.

-Survival skillz. No big deal my girlfriends are suuuuuuuuuper hardcore.

On May 17th a collective of artists got together and put on an even named ‘Fuego (Fire)’ at the Performing Arts Center. Various bands played, including Indigo Joseph and The Pile of Bones Brass Band, a variety of dance companies performed, like these gorgeous belly dancers, and a bunch of artists set up festival style, including myself (at the last possible minute, of course). The event had a really fantastic turnout for the first of it’s kind and it was really great thing just have all of those people in the same room together, yah know?

Lately, to be continued…Arts festivals and arts publications and poems and performances.