Lately, Spring-ING and Controversy

My dear friend(& roommate)Matt has a habit of leaving me the loveliest of gifts.

Looking like a character from Willy Wonka is so in this season (too funny).

I can often be found at parties taking pictures of John’s shoes.

Such a beautiful, and tasty plate by Ms. Lisa.

View of Regina from the passport office.

The best hours sign I’ve ever seen for an independent business, at Grassroots Antiques, cause it’s so true.

Spent an afternoon frolicking in the sun with friends merging like geese, all of us gathering together and then splitting off and collecting other people and then coming together again at the end. Days like this make me want to live in their bubble forever. Wandering without watches and escaping everything.

My so beautiful and incredible friend Jera, you should read her blog!

City skyline at Broad St. and College Ave.

I was interviewed by CBC news this morning on my walk to work about how optimistic I feel about living in Saskatchewan. I said I felt pretty good about it until the latest funding cuts, most notably to the Film tax credit and the CBC itself. I had yet to finish my first coffee of the day and they caught me off guard but I hope to have articulated that support for the arts is essential in my mind to the quality of life here (or anywhere) and said something like,

“what makes a great city isn’t how many tall buildings you have but the community, culture and diversity within it.”

Truthfully the city feels really depressing today, between our classic gray wind, hearing of so many friends loosing their jobs and knowing how many independent businesses have been struggling lately, it’s getting kind of scary.

So for Christ’s sake can we please all shop local and support the arts?

AND on that note, so happy to be leaving the country in aprox 60 hours for a whole two weeks! ROADTRIP! AROUND THE STATES! ADVENTURE! ACK!