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The Color of Femininity

Just a collection of images that I really identify with in an emotional, chaotic, multi-faceted and mischievous – ultra femme kind of way. (An aspect of femininity and a particular breed of women in particular that I think deserve more acknowledgement and celebration)

Most of them are unfortunately un-cited (except otherwise stated) because I pulled them from the internet (mostly tumblr) before I had any intention of using them.

Viva La Print – Buy Art – Honor the Physical and Get Intimate

The internet is like a buffet for the visually hungry.

Except that, always, I feel starved.
Craving more images, more color, more innovation, more inspiration.

The intake of stimulants is seemingly never fast, intense or strong enough. The pictures we see through a screen, seem void of the soul a material piece can hold. Sure, there’s more than ever to choose from, see and share, but you have to digest ten times as much as what can be satisfied by artwork in it’s flesh.

Just get intimate with it.