I need a ‘the world is your oyster’ guide/menu?

I’m just letting the universe*** know that I don’t know what I want to do with my life over the summer, aka the whole 4 months currently hanging aimless between the comfort of two grounding school semesters.

Some current options are pretty obvious things like, go home for a bit, stay in Montreal and work, sleep all day, drink all night, lay around in parks wearing short shorts and feeling all young-like in the sun, ect. Many of those things may/hopefully happen, but nothing has that ‘yes this totally feels right’ feeling yet.

And! it’s a little early but, I’m also looking for a new home in Montreal starting July (city wide annual moving day) – and I’d like to live with roommates! maybe in a loft? maybe with studio space? (and/or I’m also looking for studio space, ha) – preferably plateau/mile end.

***so please let me know of any life choices/ directions/ jobs/ internships/ homes/ workshops/ classes/ opportunities/ ideas/ places/ festivals/ roadtrips/ collaborators/ ect. that you feel would be fitting to (however it is you perceive) me – (I need a ‘the world is your oyster’ guide/menu?)

I really believe that the internet is serendipitous, so it’s worth a try!

Heartbreaking and Hilarious Things Said to Me This Week:

“Madeleine, do you wear red lipstick when you walk down the street?”

“Madeleine, I’m trying to learn patience, and you’re really helping me with that.”

“Madeleine, certain colors are separating themselves from other colors and that’s all I know.”

“Madeleine, there wont be any fish left to eat in ten years, d’you really think my beer can will make a difference?”

“Madeline, you have so many feelings.”

“Madeleine, did you graffiti tag the mens outhouse?”
(apparently everyone knows I’d be the one to write quotes from Lolita with a fuschia sharpie)

“Madeleine, lets take the disco light inside the spaceship, if we dance we’ll sound like a chip bag.”

“Madeleine, you’re my new best friend, I knew it was official when we both said that we’re sporadically poly.”

“Madeleine, I don’t feel beautiful anymore.”

“Madeleine, do you want to learn about why the Galaxy is expanding or just continue doing your girl power super moon dance?”