I need a ‘the world is your oyster’ guide/menu?

I’m just letting the universe*** know that I don’t know what I want to do with my life over the summer, aka the whole 4 months currently hanging aimless between the comfort of two grounding school semesters.

Some current options are pretty obvious things like, go home for a bit, stay in Montreal and work, sleep all day, drink all night, lay around in parks wearing short shorts and feeling all young-like in the sun, ect. Many of those things may/hopefully happen, but nothing has that ‘yes this totally feels right’ feeling yet.

And! it’s a little early but, I’m also looking for a new home in Montreal starting July (city wide annual moving day) – and I’d like to live with roommates! maybe in a loft? maybe with studio space? (and/or I’m also looking for studio space, ha) – preferably plateau/mile end.

***so please let me know of any life choices/ directions/ jobs/ internships/ homes/ workshops/ classes/ opportunities/ ideas/ places/ festivals/ roadtrips/ collaborators/ ect. that you feel would be fitting to (however it is you perceive) me – (I need a ‘the world is your oyster’ guide/menu?)

I really believe that the internet is serendipitous, so it’s worth a try!