Yonic Lipstick Smudges

One night while watching TV alone in bed in the dark, I decided to record all of the lipsticks I own in my ‘Visual Resource Book’ – a yearlong project for my drawing class that is essentially to just collect imagery/art/anything/everything that we like (this is where all of my rotted leaves live). Because myself and my bed are generally a mess/as much of my life piled on top of itself as possible, I had a whole bunch of old essays scattered around beside me (as well as snacks, paints, books, ect). So when I was swapping between lipsticks, instead of like getting up and washing it off or something that would take that extreme level of effort, I just smeared them all over these essay papers that needed recycling anyways.

Since it was dark and I had no real intention for the smears, I wasn’t paying attention and also didn’t really even see them until the next day, but when I did I was like woah these are actually really interesting. So I cut them all out individually and played around with categorizing them, and then I realized that a lot of them look a lot like vaginas!

Yay yonic imagery! I’ve accidentally/subconsciously ended up with yonic references in my artwork before, and I think it’s really so beautiful. Phallic symbols/imagery/references are pretty much everywhere, (notice the accidental one in this photo? hint: glue) but I find myself constantly drawn to the yonic-like: flowers, kiss-lips, oysters, priests, ha, google it! so yonic!